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A few words about me...

The beginning...
I was born in the spring of 1975 and I am a real Aries. Many people think that Aries people are quite stubborn. I guess they are right. I have to say I am pretty much like that too but in a good way. :)

I was born and raised in Hungary. I grew up in a communist housing estate chasing the soccer ball every day and I loved it. For us children it was heaven. We did not know what to wish for since there were no perspectives (thank you Mr. Breznev and predecessors) so we lived happily. I have always been a slack bugger who tries to avoid too much responsibility and work but my parents were quite strict so they made me live their way. Thanks to their tireless efforts I achieved certain things in life. Without them I would probably be a bum by now.

Schools and stuff
When 9, I was made to enter the local music school for my good hearing. I thought that music was for girls so I didn't really wanna do it but I was more or less successful - and it always matters - so I pursued it until graduation in the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, in Debrecen, Hungary. Music gave a lot to me both emotionally, spiritually and nonetheless travelwise. Since I was a good student I got to many places with brass and symphonic ensembles, chamber orchestras and choirs. Obviously after a few years of studying music my view as far as "music is for girls" has dramatically changed. Not for all the travels I had but due to what I was given thru music.

Nevertheless after graduation I was uncertain about what I should do. No matter how much I loved music, I had to make a living somehow and with music it would have been a little difficult. Unless I had been a popular performer. But I was not. And it takes a lot of work&practice and I was keen on other stuff as well. So I became a pretty unsuccessful salesperson for an IT company then a concert booker for a record label. Both jobs helped me make friends and acquaintance but I was not O.K. with the nature of these jobs so I had to go on. I wanted to explore and see the world. This has been my dream for years.

Travel experience and state of mind
Living in New York made me look at the world in a different way. It made me appreciate what I have without having to always yearn for other people's happiness. Hard work, faith, and the serious belief in the good and bad Karma. What you give is what you get. These were my guidelines. Life is the most amazing wonder in this world and I will force myself to be positive for the rest of my life. There's no hopelessness, just lack of courage and faith.

Now, close to 29 with a music degree in my hands not having achieved anything professionally YET, I am still a happy person. I would not have done anything differently in my life. I want to live by what Solzhenitsyn said as far as the important things are concerned. It's what you can always take with you that matters. The rest is just a part of the theater that Shakespeare was referring to.

Future and happiness
There are heaps of things I would like to learn in the future, like know more languages, be a diver, a builder, a locksmith or know anything that makes my life more colorful and eventful. Being a lazy ass, it will be difficult to always persuade myself to make the first few steps but hopefully my drive will overcome the laziness. My ultimate goal is to always keep my peace for that's what I think is the core of happiness. Bringing about development with professional skills and means takes great persistence, concentration and guts. Making the world a better place takes love and care. So do whatever you feel like but always keep these latter two in mind.

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